Télécharger Battle Realms Battle Realms est un jeu vidéo de stratégie en temps-réel dans lequel vous deviendrez un leader oriental lors de l'ère féodale japonaise. Choisissez entre quatre clans et prenez le contrôle de ce monde qui mélange histoire et fantastique. En fonction de vos actions, dans Battle Realms vous pouvez faire pencher l'histoire du côté du Bien ou du Mal. Vous êtes un leader qui revient après huit ans d'exil pour blanchir son nom, et dans ce but il dirigera un clan pour récupérer les terres. La préparation de votre armée, l'obtention de ressources et le développement de vos héros pourraient être la structure de base de ce genre de jeu bien connu, mais Battle Realms va au-delà.

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From gorgeous visuals to immersive gameplay, Battle Realms never ceases to amaze. Besides which, its great presentation, genuinely likable units, replayable campaign, and flexible skirmish and multiplayer modes are easily enough to recommend it. Strategy Over Production - With a limited number of units at the player's disposal, victory is in the hands of the player who outthinks rather than outnumbers his opponent.

Living Resource System - Peasants come out of their huts at their own pace and face a multitude of choices. Should they gather resources, construct buildings, water rice crops, extinguish fire, catch horses or train to be skilled warriors? Unit Alchemy - Peasants train to become soldiers. Newly trained soldiers may then continue training to become specialists in various disciplines or study and acquire new combat abilities.

All units are unique and most of them have innate abilities that give them or their allies an advantage in various situations. Each unit deals a particular type of damage, in addition to being strong against some types of damage and weak against others.

Immersive Combat - All units have unique animations for all occassions, the fights are fluid and enjoyable to observe: instead of repeating a single sword swing, units unleash wild slashing combos upon their foes. Missile units can fight in melee when they have no choice. All units will limp back to their village after being wounded in battle, while the Kabuki Warrior juggles his magic orbs to lighten the spirits of his comrades.

Retreat - Because all units must be trained up from peasants, attempting to save as many of your units as possible is an important strategy. While it is possible to recover from defeat without doing this, the time saved is significant. After a few minutes resting, your units will be almost as good as new, ready to attack again.

Running and Walking - Most units can either run or walk. As one would expect, running gets the units to their destination faster. However, running also burns stamina.

While many units don't have uses for stamina other than running, many units have abilities or Battle Gears that draw on stamina to power them. Additionally, a unit that runs into battle and depletes his stamina won't be able to run out. Running offers players a number of choices: should they slowly sneak through the forest and save my stamina for special attacks, or should they run in and try to catch them off guard?

Stamina is gradually restored as a unit idles, allowing a unit to run, rest, then run again. Strategic surroundings - Fire consumes buildings if not extinguished, birds will give away enemy positions if startled, wild animals attack lone wanderers and boulders can be pushed to deal devastating damage. Horses as an individual resource - Peasants capture horses, which are taken to the stables and domesticated. Any unit can use a horse once it has been domesticated. Horses provide a unit with a variety of bonuses: speed, stamina, health and damage.

While most units mount the horse, some use the horse in other ways.. The peasant, for example, uses the horse as a packhorse to streamline his harvesting operations. Each clan acquires its Battle Gears by different means: buildings are common means, but some soldiers get them from other units or bizarre necromantic rites.

Instead of just boosting units' stats, Battle Gears were designed to give units versatility they wouldn't otherwise have. Yin and Yang - By awarding Yin and Yang points based on performance in battle, Battle Realms incentivizes players to actually get out there and fight. Line of Sight - Fog of war is translucent, and thus players can see all features on the map. Gaining control of the high ground and forests is an important strategy in Battle Realms, as shroud wouldn't allow players to effectively strategize.

Terrain - As in real battle, using the lay of the land to one's advantage is critical to victory. This is mostly represented by a damage bonus conferred to units that attack from higher ground. Additionally, units that attack from lower ground suffer a small damage penalty. Naturally, this is particularly effective for missile units, although melee units that attack from above will also benefit. Forest - Forests are not obstacles, but rather terrain to be used. Troops can enter the forest and will be largely invisible to their opponents, since forests limit a unit's line of sight.

As friendly units walk under the forest canopy, the trees fade to let the player see his own army. This allows for a variety of sneak attack options, which can be countered by placing units in or near the forest. Care must be taken when moving through the woods - move too quickly, and birds scatter from the trees, alerting enemy players to movement. Zen Masters - Each clan has its share of heroic figures known as Zen Masters. Zen Masters are incredibly powerful units, in addition to their impressive stats, they start with their own unique Battle Gears.

These powers vary as widely as the heroes they stem from, ranging from impressive healing abilities to teleports. Zen Masters are masters of their particular alignment, and benefit from the presence of Yin and Yang.

As the player stores more Yin or Yang, the damage Zen Masters do in battle will gradually increase. Environmental Effects - Frogs hop through the swamp and fireflies gather around trees at night. As units walk through shallow riverbeds the water ripples, then splashes when the soldiers begin to run.

Snippets of freshly cut leaves fall to the ground as peasants harvest rice. Maggots squirm on the ground after leaving the Infested One's rotting belly. Weather - Though at first, the weather system appears to be just a visual effect, the weather can have a major impact on gameplay.

Rain slows the advance of all units, extinguishes building fires and helps rice regrow faster. Snow slows the rice growth and unit movement down. Some of the game's more powerful heroes can alter the weather to suit their clan's strategic needs.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting The staff at Blizzard played Battle Realms and agreed that it was better than their current version of their game. Critically acclaimed and enjoyed by fans worldwide, Battle Realms is packed with innovation, deep strategy, and an immersive world filled with meaningful detail. It's a game defined by its setting -- an RTS that combines resource management, unit development, and tactical gameplay with storytelling inspired by the Kung Fu movies and oriental culture.

If you missed it the first time, now is your chance to experience one of the most innovative RTS's in the genre. Even though the original Battle Realms came out almost two decades ago, many of its features have yet to be copied in other games.

With unique units and many original ideas Battle Realms is a game that no RTS fan can afford to miss. Help the game flourish by leaving feedback in the community hub. Don't forget to read our Early Access statement!

Peasants train into soldiers, which in turn, can follow multiple training paths like Samurai, Cannoneers, Bandits, Berserkers, and many other mythical warriors. The more you do, the more powerful you become.

Dozens of multiplayer maps and a deeply customizable PVP skirmish mode. Shall he vanquish the land under a campaign of malevolence and terror or restore the war-torn realm to its former glory? Enter Battle Realms and choose your destiny. Scattered and unorganized, your enslaved Wolf brethren hunger for revolt against their corrupt Lotus Clan masters. You must unite them.

You must lead them. You must free them. Each with unique characteristics, units, cultures and histories, the decision of which is best is up to you.

Within the borders of this broken land, three clans maintain an uneasy coexistence, fraught with tension and, at times, slavery and open war. The Wolf Clan in the northwest, the Lotus Clan high on their northern plateau, and the Serpent Clan in the fertile lowlands. And always, at least in some minds, there is a ghost of a fourth great clan, the lost Dragon Clan, forefathers of the Serpent. Despite their proximity, no three persons could be more different.

As yet there is no clear victor in this three-handed struggle; alliances and enmities are unstable, and you never know who or what might be massing on your borders.

If you are to survive in this world, you must study your enemies and your friends alike: know their ways, their warriors, and their weaknesses. They are Yang followers with honor as their symbol. Their warriors seek to become one with their weapons. Due to their devotion to honor, the Dragon deity assists them during times of great peril.

Serpent clansmen are Yin followers. Unlike their Dragon ancestors, they do not scorn the use of firearms; instead they have learned to employ its use in many of their fighting arts. Even though the Dragon Clan knew how to use gunpowder, it was the Serpent Clan which uncovered its secrets. Stealthy, flexible, and cunning, the Serpent Clan uses a plethora of Battle Gears to disable their opponents and produce an advantage.

They are Yang followers with freedom as their symbol. Unlike the other clans, they have no cavalry, nor do they have healers. They feed the horses to their wolves, which accompany them and partake in their battles. Their wounds knit surprisingly fast, even more so with the use of herbs. They know some magic, and much of what they do know is tied to nature.

Wolf clansmen are down to earth, hardworking people, and take a delight in nature. They are also known for their use of shale as their armor. Lotus clansmen are Yin followers with corruption as their symbol.

They follow the Forbidden Path, which focuses on death and decay. Their religion centralizes around three ancient brothers, now long gone, who tended the Tree of Corruption. The Lotus Clan's strategy is based on their immense understanding of magic, which translates to unit abilities and Battle Gear. You are wise to come here.


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